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How to Talk to Your Hairdresser About Hairstyles


Hair Salon Manhattan Beach is a popular place for a woman to visit. It is a relaxing environment where you can receive beauty treatments and have them done by a professional hairstylist specializing in cutting and styling hair. However, it is essential to consider the reputation of your hairdresser before you entrust any money into their hands. The best way to find out if you are getting the best treatment is to visit your hairdresser’s booth at one of the many hair salons around the country. Here are some tips for choosing the right salon for you:

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  1. Before you meet with the hairdresser, take time to view their portfolio.
  2. Take a look at photos of hairdressers who have similar skills as you do.
  3. Pay attention to the color of hair, how well each stylist styles, and what kind of style the hairdresser displays. If the hairstylist seems unprofessional, move on to another hair salon.

Job Type Negotiable Contract Type Permanent Hour Full Time/ Hour Part Time – When you visit a hair salon, make sure to ask what kind of training hairdressers have received. Hair salon owners may be reluctant to discuss this issue because most often experienced hairdressers have been working with one particular structure for years. Ask to see a current calendar listing showing hairdressers who have worked with the establishment for at least a year and then schedule an appointment to interview the stylist.

Matrix coloring – A hairdresser who is confident enough to let you know about matrix coloring has probably received some training from a beauty instructor. You will also find that hair colors come in various shades from dark black to light brown, from blonde to red and from brown to black. The color of hair is determined by genetics and your skin tone. When you visit the salon, discuss the shade with the hairdresser and let them know if you prefer a specific color or shades. If they are not willing to discuss it with you, move on to another salon.

Covid-19 – This refers to the “C” side of the salon. It is the side that is most accessible to clients and is where the waiting area is located. Most hairdressers use the Covid-19 side for walk-in clients, but some do accept callers who want to be put on hold while the beautician works on their hair. For new clients, a hairdresser may use the Covid-19 side for walk-ins only, but will keep the Covid-20 side reserved for clients scheduled to be cut in the next thirty minutes or so. Check the “open” sign before walking into the salon. When a hairdresser says the barber chair is “open,” it means the chair is still open.

Matrix coloring – When the hair is first cut and applied, the hairstylist will use a brush to apply the matrix coloring below the cuticle of the hair. The hairdresser then moves the brush from the scalp to the ends of each of the strands and applies the matrix color. Usually there are two types of matrix colors: standard and special.

Back Open Today – If you have ever walked into an open salon, you know they say to wait for the front door to be unlocked. That statement is true, but not always true! If the stylist has not yet locked the front door of the salon, move toward the door and wait patiently. Most stylists will lock the door after they take a few customer orders and they will be ready to open the door for you quickly.

Back Open Today – If your hairdresser tells you that you will not be able to come in for a few minutes or an hour at most, then it is time to make that visit as soon as possible. In most cases, hair color applied weeks or even months ago is not showing up and you may want to consider a new hair color that can be applied at any time during the day. This is especially true if the hair has been colored with matrixcolor or a hair eclipse.